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worried about problems

I am 27 years old, suffered from anxiety for years, lots of nausea put down to anxiety. 3 weeks ago got aches in legs this has been constant for 3 weeks, waking me up in nite. Both legs affected been to doctors 3 times one nite walked around table for 2 hours as legs so irritable. had blood tests for everything except thyroids,all normal. have had thoughts of dying twice in nite. mother recently diagnosed with cancer. I am on diazapam and had 2 sessions with oesteopath. i am desperatly worried crying all the time. The diazapam helped with unbearable aching legs however today they just feel so weak. i am so scared!!! what can i do??
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Thank you for your comment, no havent seen a nuerologist. going to docs on Tuesday, taking my husband as so distraught. My legs are much stronger today and although weepy seem to be coping better. I have used a tens machine which has seemed to help alot. I have had tests to check reflexes etc all fine. Its the not knowing that sends you insane. When i look back on my health history i have had so many episodes of nausea and sometimes feel exhausted at just walking up stairs or drying my hair but have always fought on. I am very active have dogs chickens and ponies and am and have always been on the go.
No other symptoms apart from nausea and extremely restless legs. Its so nice to have someone to talk to. Thank you
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I too had a problem at one time with unbearable aching legs.
Although I didn't have anxiety, I did have terrible headaches, mood swings, and severe fatigue.  My children were toddlers at that point, and I had to wake up several times every night with them, so I wasn't getting good quality sleep.

Eventually I went to the doctor's, and was diagnosed with migraines and with fibromyalgia.

I was developing more problems as time went on, but it was gradual and I tried to adapt.
Someone at my fibromyalgia support group kept posting articles about Lyme Disease, and finally it "clicked."

All my symptoms were associated with Lyme.
Although I suggested this to the doctors, they would only order the ELISA test, which always came back negative.
I found out later that test misses Lyme half the time.

Here is a list of Lyme symptoms:

LymeNet.org has an active support group.
Some people there believe they may have acquired a tick borne infection from horses.
Others were exposed to dog ticks.
As you may know, Lyme is a frequent problem with dogs.

Regarding treatment for you, an SSRI (serotonin selective reuptake inhibitor) may help to even out the anxiety and crying, and can reduce the sensation of pain.  It did for me, when we got the dose high enough.

If you would like to inquire further about Lyme Disease, you can post a query on the medical questions forum at LymeNet.org.

There are alot of problems getting diagnosed, as doctors tend to rely on the lab tests, which are VERY inaccurate.
If the test comes back negative, they tell the patient that he doesn't have Lyme, and the patient can go for YEARS before anyone recognizes the pattern of symptoms.

Lyme can cause all kinds of mental health symptoms, like anxiety, depression, difficulty concentrating, memory problems, obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety, attention deficit, panic attacks, even hallucinations and schizophrenia.

Although other things can cause leg pain, this does fit the Lyme pattern.

Other treatments that may help you are supplementing magnesium and taking fish oil capsules.
Lyme bacteria deplete our body cells of magnesium, which is needed for all enzyme functions.
Fish oil has Omega 3's, which is needed for cell wall integrity, and can help with mental health symptoms.
Fish oil also reduces inflammation, which can cause many symptoms.

There is a folk remedy for leg cramps: Put a bar of soap (not Dove) under the bottom sheet near your feet.
I have no idea if this will work for leg pain, but you could try it.  It apparently has helped many people with leg cramps.

I will bookmark this page, and check back.

Wishing you the best,

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Hi Carol

Thank you so much for your comments. woke up yesterday fine had a great day. Today histerical feel weak all over and diahorrea had this and loss of appetite on and off for 3 weeks. Husband taking me to docs today, i am so scared its lovely of you to reply. i will let you know what she has to say

Thanks again
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