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MRI results

Is a syrinx and a lesion in the spinal cord the same thing. This is my mri results, I was told to come back in a year to keep an eye on it. I have no clue what all this means for me. Here is the results from the radiologist, I also have radiologists report from a year ago and it says syrinx at C6-7.
1. Small lesion posteriorly and inferiorly in the sella turcica possibly blood or calcification.
2. Prominent central canal at c6-c7 which is seen to extend to the obex on the stir images
3. mild multilevel degenerative changes

Technique: 3 T multi-sequence and multiplana mri of the cervical spine without and with interavenous administration of 12-ML magnevist.

stable vertebral alignment. Disk space narrowing and desiccation C4-6 disk levels with trivial marginal osteophytosis. No evidence of spinal canal compromise. Prominent central canal in the spinal cord particularly at C6-7 levels. Canal extends cranially to the obex and inferiorly to the thoracic spinal cord on the STIR images. No ovious masses or cyrst or abnormal contrast enhancement. No significant prevertebral soft tissue abnormalities. Normal appearance of the foramen magnum with no ovioius cerebella tonsillar ectopia. Focal lesion measing about 6.5mm posterior inferiorly in the sella turcica, bright T1 and dark on T2 without contrast enhancement may suggest blood product or calcification. depression of the diaphragma sella.

C2-3 normal
C3-4facet arthrosis
C4-5 facet arthrosis
C5-6 facet arthrosis, mild ligamentum of flavum buckling
C6-7 facet arthrosis
C7-T1 facet arthrosis, thickening of ligamentum flavum
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normal report for a normal person
I didnt received any data about the patient's symptoms
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Sorry guess I should of listed my many symptoms. My main pain is in my neck, shoulders, and arms. If I do ANY lifting, looking up, pulling, pushing etc it causes me more pain. A glass plate or like a 5lb bag of flour seems super heavy to me and causes pain. I have alot of headaches. Have numbness and tingling in my legs and more in my arms and hands. If I do to much its like my neck swells. I am miserable each and every day. I take percocet and flexeril every day just to function a little. I recently started taking gabapentin but I dont see that its helping me. I was also diagnosed with fibro,  but have never realy felt I had it. my pain isnt allover like most people with fibro. I am also taking venlafaxine and it does help with the boohoos I have over  being this way. All this  started  with fulid around my heart and it just kept getting worse over the past 2 years. Before that I worked fulltime, walked 5 miles a day and led a very active life. Now I cant walk more than  a couple blocks. I cant lift my granddaughter and it drives me crazy that I cant. This mri report isnt normal, if so why did the doc here tell me we need to keep an eye on things and to come back in a year. I dont get it, every doctor you go to gives you a different answer so how do you know who to trust. Thanks for your help
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