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I want to give my cat COLD WATER FISH OIL for his coat and skin allergies symptoms(eosinophilic plaque).
the bottle I got reads 1 teas. per 18kg.of weight.
I'm sorry but I'm too dumb to know all these conversions.
my cat weighs 13 lbs so what is that in Kg?
and I have a ML dropper to use....so again I need to know how many ML per pound of weight...
please help this dumb lady
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1 tsp = 5ml
2.2 lb = 1 kg, 13 lb cat is about 6kg.

PLEASE be aware that not all EFAs are absorbed equally by the body.  Also a RATIO or BALANCE of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids give the optimum results.  As well as the amount of the fatty acid ratio is beneficial -- ie giving extra or not giving enough doesn't work as well as the ideal amount in published research.  And it takes an average of 6 weeks (4-12 week range) of giving the EFAs to see the results in the skin.

I've had owners give supplements and result in vomiting and especially diarrhea due to these supplements.  That's the worst case.  The other negative is that you could give them just to find out they aren't helping  -ie you threw your money away.

They also may be beneficial.  To have the most success, combine benefits of EFAs with novel or hydrolyzed proteins by using a special food.  In cats, I usually see the most success with Royal Canin Limited Ingredient Duck and Green Pea diet.  This food has the fatty acid RATIO and good levels of it present.  ie no supplement purchased - already easy to feed, and your pet has to eat anyway.  Having a novel protein source means that it will help as well by diminishing the things that your cat may be sensitive to.  z/d is another diet that should work, it has hydrolyzed proteins (too small that the body can't recognize them as foreign) and EFAs.

I think you'll find more success with a diet such as this than your supplement.  To have the good benefit you'll have to feed no treats or anything else except this new food only for 4-12 weeks.  Once success, you may add one treat back in for a week and nothing else new and if okay, then maybe add a new treat the next week.  If a flare up is seen at the end of a week, the one or more of those new items should be excluded from the diet always.
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thanks for those conversions!

first off my Vet did order and we tried him on both HYDROLYZED protein of Venison and than Duck...both of these were Medi Cal brand(all that the Vet has available)......problem is he wouldn't eat either of them....he was literally starving himself(and that was introduced slowly with his other food...)as soon as I would put even a touch of the venison or duck food in he would walk away.....

so we had to go to a FISH diet...I've now picked up 2 a dry from Acana and a canned CORE from Wellness......again I am introducing very lightly...and he is eating although reluctantly..but its a start!

I would like to know if this combination is the right RATIO of omega 3 and 6and if I've done the conversions right PLEASE

Evening of Primrose Oil is omega 6
bottle reads 1/2 teas per 23kg....he is 6kg
therfore approx. .12 teas = appx .5 ML??


Cold Water Fish Oil is omega 3
bottle reads 1 teas per 18kg
appx 1/3 of a teaspoon per 6kg
1/3 teas. = 1.5MLS appx???

so please again I ask have I got these conversions right and are they in correct ratio to each other??
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