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This forum is for pet health questions regarding Nutritional Management. Questions will be answered by a veterinarian.
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Hi! I have an adult cat with acute diarrhea for 4 months now. It turned out that he has some internal parasites and he was given Profend...
I have a question about the PREVENTION of UTI's in male cats, what is the best diet...I know it has to be low in one ingredient but I can...
my cat Nemo is extremely abnormal. got him at 6 months...he wouldn't eat, only milk was starving himself...honestly tried EVERY food avai...
My fiance feeds our dog house food regularly. To the point where most of the time when he is hungry and i pour his dog food he sniffs an...
I am looking for some advice to keep my cat from getting any bigger and to maybe get him to shrink a little. Can you offer any...
Hi my mothers dog is sick in the vets after an attact from a badger,he got an infection,now the vet says he may have jaundice,any suggest...
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