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very hard stools

Our dog, 20 lbs, has been eating Iams dry food and doing
well on it however we have noticed that she is somewhat constipated
and sometimes gets an upset stomach.  We do not want to take her off
of dry food, so we were wondering if another brand contained more
moisture or if there is something else we can do to remedy the problem. Thanks.
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Constipation can be due to several reasons.  If you haven't changed the treats/snacks and other goodies that your pet is getting, she may not be getting enough moisture in her diet.  You can try adding water to her dry food.  I find that offering fresh, moving water (using a doggie water fountain) will often entice a dog to drink more.  Sometimes, floating ice cubes in the water bowl will do the same thing.  One other trick that you can use is to add a tsp or so of the people product..Benefiber powder.  It is tasteless and is a good way to add some fiber to the diet.  

If the signs persist, I would recommend that you take a stool sample to your veterinarian for analysis.  Also be sure that your dog is current with its deworming program.

Best of luck...
Dr. Bernadine
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Thank you.
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