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Mental Health Problems?

Hi there, I think I may be suffering from mental health issues. The main symptoms I am suffering are from conversations with people I seem to always be having in my head. I seem to be speaking both sides of the conversations, sometimes I am so involved with these conversations that a may speak something out loud. These conversations could be about anything I seem to be thinking of. If a thought comes into my head about somone I can then find myself having make up conversations with them about different situations we may be in. This is really starting to annoy me as it is going on constantly all day everday. It is also starting to affect me socially because my mind seems to be preoccupied all the time already so instead of being socially involved in conversations I seem to be in my own wee world with these make up conversations. I also feel that I cannot fully concentrate because of my mind being else where aswell. Any ideas or that would be appreciated. I have been to my doctor but she just said that it is a form of anxiety and nothing to worry about.
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If it is taking over your life, as it sure sounds like the case here, then it is something to worry about and your doctor is WRONG! Is your doctor a Psychiatrist? If not, I highly suggest seeing one. They can tell you what's going on, and if needed, can give medication to help. If this is causing you grief and affecting your quality of life then there's no reason in the world you should have to continue on suffering. Your doctor is not correct. Seek out a Psychiatrist and work towards getting a handle on this. There's help. Don't take your doctor's advise on this one.
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I agree with Tangled on this one.  See a mental health professional (I prefer psycholgists to psychiatrists myself - they seem better at talking to people, rather than just passing out meds!).  It does sound like anxiety of some kind - social, OCD, GAD - and it really can affect your life.  See the right Dr. and you will feel better, I promise!
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I only say seeking out a Psychiatrist because sometimes chemical imbalances are to blame for mental illness and really only medication can help keep it under control. I have faulty malfunctioning neurotransmitters which requires meds, I realize many people do not need medication and simply talking to a therapist can help, but there are many who require the use of meds, so I advised finding a Psychiatrist who can help rule that out. I know many people prefer not use any drugs, and that's ok too...but for me it was required.

Good luck to everyone!
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