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OCD and HOCD regret being with stripper

I have HOCD as well as other themes.... I have been avoiding relationships all my life since I was 16 I'm now 33.... I recently visited a strip club and I feel totally dirty for doing so but at the same time I've had zero female interaction for about 8 or 9 years.... how do I get over feelings of guilt and the worry that I have an std even though I was fully clothed and it doesn't spread that way I had dry sex and the stripper gave me a little blowjob over my pants
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I'm confused. Avoiding relationships really isn't the answer to this situation. Figuring out how to have a normal, functioning and healthy life is. You are HOCD. This means that you fear you are gay? You are male, correct? And for all these years you avoid men and women both and are in NO relationship because of hocd? That's huge and sad. I want you to get help!  Ocd is treatable. It's time you start living. Have you engaged in any therapy at all?
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