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Rabies Fear

So I live in Australia, Melbourne. There are lots of bats around like flying fox and microbats. I live in an old house along with 4 other girls. Since I’m an international student, i have to stay in this house as it’s cheap. It’s been a month here. I didn’t notice there was a tiny hole below the skirting board above the carpet in my room below the wall. And next to that wall is another room which is used for drying clothes. Now I fear that what if microbat entered my room from that hole (half of my leg toe can get inside the hole) at night when I was sleeping. Everyday after waking up, I never saw a bat or anything. But still I’m scared what if the tiny microbat flew away after hitting me.  This thoughts eat me up. Rabies vaccine here is very costly. Do you think I need to take vaccine ?
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Hm. So, do you think this is ocd? Is there a genuine threat?  Do you know any person that has been bitten by a fat or fox (usually if you do not mess with either of these, they don't mess with you!)  The idea of a microbat coming in and biting you is ya, anxiety. It's a what if, irrational fear.  What do you do to treat your anxiety?  It's treatable. They make good medications with fewer side effects these days and I'd consider that. AND, the gold standard for ocd treatment is exposure response therapy.  Have you looked into that?
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