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Uncontrollable thoughts

I have terrible images in my head through out the day and I don't know how to get rid of them I have had a rough time lately and have managed toget out of it. But now everything that has happened in the past has I think made me turn this way I feel like I lost control of my thoughts.
I feel like I may be turning mad and I really cannot be turning this way at this point in my life.
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Do not ignore the thoughts. Acceptance is key and the more you try to ignore them the more they will torture you. I have the same issues. Stock up on a lots of vitamin B and plug it in your body. Also find your compulsions, which includes arguing with the thoughts in your head, and eliminate them as soon as possible
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Hi, it sounds like ocd, if you get diagnosed with ocd, Part of the treatment is to ignore the thoughts and dont do anything to try to gert reid of them, like rituals to cancel or problem sove, confess, ask for reassurance,  try the ssris, sometimes 1 dosent work and you have to try another. It takes time for them to work, and so dont go=ive up  chelle_1
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