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Hip Arthritis

I am 46 yrs old, male, ex-athlete (competitive level basketball) and live in London, England. A year ago I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis on my left hip during an arthroscopy and most of the joint cartilage is worn out. Take glucosamine tablets regularly. Even though my condition is not so advanced to take painkillers etc, I cannot do any sport, which is important to me (even at a light, amateur level) and walking start bothering me after a few hundered meters. I have tried the hyaluronic acid (durolane) injection but didn't have any visible result. Both specialists I talked to are of the opinion that I am a good candidate for a resurfacing and not yet for a replacement (should I operate). I have decided to go through the resurfacing operation in an attempt to solve (hopefully & for a while) my problem and not just delay until much worse deteriorations come about (the doctors were neutral about the decision while I am very much for it). Is there an alternative solution I could pursue? Any "non-mainstream" treatment? I have heard about breakthroughs in the stem cell area. Is there anything there or too early? Any opinion would be appreciated...
Thanks in advance,
George A
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Sounds like you've tried and exhausted all the non-surgical possibilities.  I would agree that if you do opt for surgery over a change in activity, then resurfacing seems to be the way to go.  Resurfacing uses less bone stock, seems less likely to loosen with repetitive activity such as athletics, and still allows for total hip replacement in the future, if needed.  I amnot aware of any "alternative" treatments that could promise you as reliable or predictable results as a hip resurfacing.
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I am a 57 year old female who also have been diagnosed with no cartilage in my right hip joint.   Have been in pain for quite some time.   Surgery has been suggested to me as well however my doctor has me on celebrex for the arthritus and also tylenol arthritic medication pain killers.   I have heard that over a long period of time celebrex may not be good for you however in the interim until you decide it may give you some help.

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