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2 years after breaking her femur why can't my 76 year old mum walk without pain?

My mum broke her femur and and one of the bones in her hip about 2.5 years ago when she fell crossing the road. She had a titanium nail inserted and screws at the top of the femur and knee. She now walks with a stick and her mobility is very limited dud to the pain she is suffering in her knee, leg and hip. I don't understand why the metalwork has not been removed as I think this might remove the pain. I also broke my femur one month after my mum in a skiing accident. I too had a nail and screws put in which I have just had removed due to it causing me a certain amount of discomfort. I understand how having screws etc in your leg can restrict your movement and cause pain so interested why it's not been offered to my mum.
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