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On 28 May myleft foot had a suddensearing pain, the following week dr diagnosed cellulitis however two weeks later x ray showed up a healing fracture and was told to wear flat shoe, in august pain was badand could not wear shoe again, dr got x ray done on 28 sept and referred to fractrure clinic now have a moon boot for four weeks - l have two questions, 1. dr at fracture clinic said if this did not work in 4 weeks l would need to get a plate inmy foot, what does this involve and 2. l have more pain now in the boot, could that be due to the bone re-aligning, please canyou reassure me on this

thank you
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1) As this is a stress fracture the orthopedician is trying to immobilize your leg by giving you the boot to see if the metatarsal fracture heals by itself. Any sign of positive healing can be known by an X-ray at the end of 4 weeks. If conservative treatment does not work out for you then he is suggesting of going with a surgery and putting a plate to heal your fracture and by this he is following a normal protocol.

2) The pain is due to the fracture healing and the change in alignment of the bones, muscles and tendons in the foot. This pain will decrease with immobilization and healing.

Follow up with your orthopedician in a regular manner.

Take care!
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