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Bicep tear--healing and pain what's normal?

I have a proximal vertical bicep tear and fluid around the joint per mri. Injury 2 months ago. My issue is that it doesn't seem to be improving. I can't bear weight on my arm or reach out. I can't push or lift. It is my dominant arm. I get alot of pain mid humerus.....does that seem normal? It is achy and spasms. Therapy made it worse. My Dr just has me come back every 2 weeks. I can't even lift it to wash my hair. When should I expect it to improve. The mri said it was mild.....this pain isn't mild.
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MRIs don't measure pain.  They give a murky picture of soft tissues.  Your pain is your pain, not someone else's.  I don't know why this is happening or if you got bad PT that didn't suit you.  Healing pace also differs by the person.  I's think if it's that bad and it's not getting better and you're not getting help, a second opinion might be the way to go.
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