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Cuboid Fracture

I fractured my Cuboid bone 9/1/07.  Initially I was told it was a "contussion".  I walked on it for two weeks until confirmed with an MRI.  I was placed in a cam cast for 10days then a hard cast for four weeks.  I had the cast removed 10/16.  My Docter told me to gradually wean myself out of the cast and he will see me as needed.  No PT.  I'm an RN so I know how to take my time and listen to my body.  But no PT?  Is that normal?  My ankle and foot are very week.  I have now developed severe pain in the area of injury/heel and ankle.  I called and made an appt.  I believe I have Plantar Fasciitis with heel spurs.  Anyone else have these same problems.  Is 9.5 weeks a long time?
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I agree it is unusual not to advice physiotherapy. The weakness of the ankle and foot are understandable due to disuse and you should regain power slowly over time. Plantar fascitis may or may not be related to the fracture itself if it has developed recently . The severe pain may be explained by the plantar fascitis and the heel spurs. You need a thorough evaluation of your medical problems and follow this with appropriate treatment. You have already fixed the appointment and I recommend you go ahead and clarify all the doubts you have with your treating physician.
I'm going on just over 2 years they told me that it was a nutcrackers foot and just would give me injection every four months when it started hurting again I found out yesterday from my aunt that a nutcrackers foot is a fracture of the cuboid i'm so mad I just want the surgery to see if that helps it because the injection are not like I said just over two years
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The cuboid bone is a large bone and fractures of this bone are often missed on regular xrays.  If the fracture was only picked up on an MRI then it wasn't a bad one.  Healing time is totally dependent on the individual, but is usually complete in 6 weeks.  If you are diabetic you can plan on a longer period of time depending on your body's ability to heal.  If you are osteoporotic it also lengthens the time it takes to heal.  When in a cast, the muscles of the foot and ankle will weaken from lack of use.  It can take a long time to get back the old muscle strength, again depending on your own overall health.  Pain in the muscles are a normal "side effect" of casting the foot.  Use is the best physical therapy for the foot, so it is not so unusual for a physician to forego physical therapy for your type of injury.  If you have bone spurs, surgery can be performed to remove them.  If you have an inflammation of the fascia of the sole of the foot, you can get steriod injections to bring down the inflammation but it doesn't usually work very well and is very painful to suffer through.  Plantar fascitis is often successfully treated with cold foot baths done several times a day for about 10 days.  The cold (not icy) foot bath reduces the inflammation in the fascia allowing the body to heal.  It is good that you are doing a follow-up so keep the appointment. Get xrays to diagnosis the problem.  Normal xrays will show any spurs and also will diagnose plantar fascitis.  While you are waiting for the appointment, try the footbaths.  good luck
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Check this out. I'm 5 months in and stiull having issues The cuboid area feels just fine but I'm having ankle issues. Read this thread....
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I'm a dumb A$$ here's the thread sorry!
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oh my gosh.  I am dealing with the same kind of pain.  I was in a car accident at the end of august.  I had a lot of other injuries, but I was just told that I had a contusion to my right foot.  About a week ago I requested a copy of my medical records from the hospital due to issues pertaining to other parts of my body.  While reading through the records, I discovered that I had a cuboid fracture to my right foot that I was never told about.  I am pissed!  I am only 22.  I have been dealing with pain ever since the accident.  I can't go rock climbing because of the pain.  My doctor just told me that it would get better, and that I had to give it time.  How rediculous!  I have scheduled an appointment with a podiatrist.
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I had a similar experience. I fell, had terrible pain and negative x rays. An MRI 3 weeks later discovered a cuboid fracture. I was, then placed in a hard cast for 4 weeks . After falling with crutches the cast was replaced with a cam walker for 5 weeks. Now, 14 weeks after the fall, I am still in pain. I recently saw a podiatrist who diagnosed peroneal tenosynovitis and prescribed a walking sling (very uncomfortable) and physical therapy. I hope this helps, this has gone on way too long.
Any suggestions?
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