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Extreme knee problems after surgery

I am re-posting this because I never got an answer from a forum doctor.  Almost four months after knee arthroscopy surgery for a torn meniscus, I am still experiencing massive swelling and pain  after any type of activity or exercise.  My doctor does no exam, no tests, brushes me off with "you will just have to be patient, it will get better".  On at least three occasions, I have been in tears in his office and asking what to do about it.  This pain is surely not normal.  I went to another doctor last week who sent in his PA to tell me that they "don't like to tread on another doctor's territory" and won't see me again, but the PA prescribed Prednisone 6 day dosage that seemed to give me some comfort while I was taking it.  The day after I completed the dosage, the pain and swelling returned.  When I'm active all day, the swelling extends to my foot and ankle.  No one will see me without a referral because a local, well respected doctor operated on me.  What am I to do?  I am so frustrated after four months of extreme pain.  I've turned into a big crybaby and that is not me!  There is no joy left in my life.  
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Did you visit the doctor when your knee gets swollen ? Has he seen the swollen knee ?

This looks like a case of post-operative complications. I am not sure how I can help you with this. May be, you could write a letter to the doctor explaining your pains. And wait for his response.

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I have the same issue as far as the problems with swelling, however my doc redid an MRI and found a new tear which will be fixed on Nov 5th. Demand and MRI because once you have torn the miniscus it is so easy to tear it again.

If you need to go to an emergency room when the knee flares up really bad. And if your doc blows you off again report him to the department of health and find a new one thru one of your local hospitals.

Good luck.
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This case was way back in 2007 and I hope nannie39 is doing fine.

You should explain your symptoms properly to your orthopedician who had conducted the surgery and the orthopedician has every responsibility in giving proper suggestions and giving support to you for a proper healing as done in your case.

Ask your orthopedician to take utmost care for your surgery and you take all necessary precautions after the surgery for proper healing.

Best of luck!

Take care!

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I can't believe I have found someone with the same problem I am having.  I know my husband and everyone else think I am fine because I can walk ok.  Walking, trying to sleep, going up and down steps or just stepping off a curb causes lots of pain.  I have had 2 right knee replacements.  The last one was 4 months ago.  The surgen said their was a piece of cement pressing on a nerve and the replacement knee needed to be a different size as well as not beining in place anymore.  I am am at my wits end.  I can't handle the pain anymore, but it seems at this point I have no choise.  I am going back to the doctor for the second tim this week.  I don;t hold uot much hope, last time I went he said everything looked great.  I don't feel great!!!Does anyone have any info they can give me?
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Knee replacement surgery recovery depends on intense physiotherapy after surgical repair and I hope you have gone through the whole method and have been continuing doing exercises.

Follow up with your orthopedic surgeon to find out if everything is fine and also if required take a second opinion.

If you have replacement on one knee then there are some issues with support and balance and these symptoms will decrease with practice and physiotherapy.

Take care!
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