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Femoral Osteophytes

I am a 44 year old Black Male.  I played division 1 football at Rutgers U.  I had a meniscectomy, (shaving) when I was 19 in my freshman year.  I played the rest of my college years with little to no problems.  In July of 1995 I had a car accident and I was "T-Boned" by another car cousin a fem oral break.  I had an inter-femoral rod inserted to help healing.  There were 2 bolts screwed through the bottom of my femur and one through my hip.  The rod never felt good from day 1 through the minimum 18 months I had to have the rod in place.  I had the rod removed at my 18th month and not a second longer than needed.  The doctor told me he removed a 6 inch bone spur on my hip that formed on top of the bolt.  He did not speak of any bone spurs on the bottom of my femur.  Almost 20 years later finally have the medical insurance to look into the knee as well.  Turns out I have huge bone spurs at the bottom pf my femur where the 2 bolts served the inter femoral rod.  I seem to form bone spurs from injury but not from surgery.  I wanted to know if you think I am a candidate for Arthroscopic Osteophytes Debridement?  
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