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Foot pain/numbness

I have had pain and numbness/tingling in my R foot x 9 weeks. Initial pain occured after running, bruised x 2 weeks. Went to PCP to rule out metatarsal stress fracture- x-rays clear on 2 occassions. I was put in a post-op boot to help keep pressure off and told to rest for 2 weeks. It has since been 9 weeks, and pain has radiated to other parts of foot and front of ankle. Also includes continuous "pins and needles" feeling. Pain oddly seems worse at rest. I am not sure whether I should be patient and keep resting, or if I should return to the doctor, and if so, what type of doctor? (ortho, podiatrist..?) thank you for any advice!
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     Thanks for writing in. The two possibilities of pins and needles sensation, numbness in the foot and ankle could be tarsal tunnel syndrome or ankle sprain. It is difficult to diagnose ankle sprain based on x-rays. In tarsal tunnel syndrome compression of tibial nerve augments symptoms.
Discuss with your doctor regarding the above mentioned possibilities and follow his advise.
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