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How can I get my foot back to normal?

Hi there! I've been dealing with a foot problem for exactly a year today, and I'm curious if anyone here can help me out.

Last year, while moving, I carried some heavy furniture while turning up a stair, and I put a lot of pressure on the left front corner of my left foot (right before the pinky toe). I made it up the stairs and felt fine, but the next day, my foot felt mildly uncomfortable.

I thought nothing of it, and despite the mild discomfort, I played basketball a week or two later. Shortly into play, my left calf got strained. I stopped playing ball for a good few months, but I continued walking around a lot, and the calf and foot seemed to remain somewhat injured. After a couple months passed, I tried to play basketball again, and this time, I felt a popping sensation in the calf.

From there, I took some time off basketball and walking, and saw a couple doctors including a foot specialist. With X-Ray, she noticed that both of my 5th Metatarsals have a sesamoid at the head. This is where the pain was on my left foot.

With more time of no improvement, I was prescribed 6 weeks of physical therapy. The therapy helped me say confidently that the foot is the source of the calf problem, but it didn't actually help me with the foot.

I've tried seemingly everything; Rest, massage, physical therapy exercises. I also got an MRI, and I thought I saw a suspicious spot right where the pain is, but the foot doctor says she does not believe it to be a tear.

I can do most activities as normal, but shortly into standing or walking, the area in my foot becomes painful, and eventually my calf and hamstring start to complain as well. I want to find out what happened which made my foot so sensitive, and how I can get it back to normal.

Thank you!
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