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Is it Normal for my Achilles’ tendon to hurt after a fall directly on my knee?

So my MRI read, I tore my ACL and meniscus.   Although swollen and a bit unstable I have No pain in my knee.  However my achilles tendon is like a Charlie horse all the time on same leg.   I fell off my bike right onto that knee.         Now 2 days later I’m having shooting pains on my heel of the other foot    It’s been 1 month since the fall.     Is this normal?  The pain in my tendon and now my other foot on the bottom of my heel.    I know I have altered my walking but, drs say nothing about where my pain IS?!
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Maybe I missed something, but if you show both a torn meniscus and ACL, aren't you scheduled for surgery?  They don't fix themselves, especially the meniscus, which except for a small portion of it has no blood flow and therefore can't actually heal itself.  Now, physical therapy can sometimes work for the pain, and sometimes the meniscus tear is only at the corners where there is blood flow and the ACL is only torn a tiny amount as well, but when you tear both, I just thought that meant surgery and pretty quickly.  As for the other foot, don't know of course, but when you can't really use one side of your body your other side will compensate and you will probably hurt that eventually.  Pain is an odd thing, but if the middle of your leg essentially doesn't work anymore it's gonna cause problems.  What treatment plan are you on?
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