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Is this correct place to post question Knee MRI ?

Since I haven't received answer about my MRI and also another person wanting an explanaton of MRI results, I am begnning to wonder if MRI questions get answered or if there is another or better place to ask about what they mean? I have seen other people getting answers to their questions that have just posted them and myne is before theirs.

I have had this knee pain for over a year and it is not getting any better. Along with my chronic back pain, foot pain and now hip pain as well, I am wondering how much this knee injury is contributing to my other pain?Because I am on Social Security and SSI, and have Medicare as insurance, I can get medical care, but it takes a lot longer to see a dr. or even get an appt then some people may have to wait. I guess I am venting my frustration a little, but I don't know what else to do? I have had this injury for a very long time, not even sure exactly what or when it happened, as I have done several things to my knee so it is hard to pinpoint just one.

It took me from April of this year till last week to finaly get a MRI of my knee.( 4 months...) And it took over 9 months before I saw that dr, ( for my back) and if I had't got him to look at my knee and mention in his report that he had looked at my knee and reccomended I see a Orthopedic Dr. as he thought I may have a Menicus injury, I would not have even got the dr. do a X-ray and fianlly the MRI.

If there is a better place to post these MRI results to get an opinion as to what they mean, can someone point me in the right direction or will somone eventually give me an answer? I guess I am inpatient, it just is I have been in pain for so long and am anxious to get some answers . Thank you for listening.

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