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Knee Injury

I am 38 years old and tried ski last week. Five days back, after I took introductory lesson, I skied on flat suface ( very slight slope so that people can ski) and felt down. I tried to create wedge with my legs to stop skiing and fell down with legs apart. My right leg turned right from the knee joint and my left leg turned left at knee joint.  I heared the crakle sound. I do have small pain near the right knee joint / knee cap. Whereas I do have more pain on the inner side of left knee joint.

I had scheduled an appointment with Orthopedician next monday. Meanwhile I had regular scheduled physical therapy, who examined and said I might have rapture / strained the ligament.
If I stand still I don't feel pain but I feel pain when I bend knee either while changing position from stand to sit.

Is this I need to worry about and see emergency immedialtely. I do have specialist Doc Appointment in another 4 days.

Thank You and appreciate your help
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Hi Leap,
How are you feeling now?
When you talk about knee pain only few differential diagnoses comes to my minds which are as follows:
1. Osteoarthritis. 2. Ligament damage. 3. Meniscus damage. 4. Patello-femoral disorder.
In your case your pain at the joint line is the result of a collateral ligament or meniscus problem.
You had twisting of knee and then you started to have pain which is typical of a ligament injury.
Do you experience any grinding, locking, catching, or giving way of the knee?
I think you should be seeing a specialist as early as possible. You could go to emergency room to get imaging done and rule out any fracture.
You need to give rest to the part and use crutches wherever possible.
Keep me informed.
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Thank You.. I am seeing Orthopedician on Monday. I don't feel any of grinding, locking, catching or giving away. I can straighten my leg slowly.  If I put pressure like climbing stairs, I feel the pain. Thanks a lot... and will update you.
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After looking at X-Rays and examination, Doctor told that the collateral ligament is stressed and it will take 2-3 weeks to heal entirely.  Thank You for your help..
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Hi Leap,
It is good that our provisional diagnosis has matched with the diagnosis of surgeon.
A thorough clinical examination is of prime importance in any diagnosis.
What treatment the doctor has planned?
Which collateral ligament is injured?
Bracing, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and physical therapy emphasizing strengthening and stretching the quadriceps and hamstrings, is first-line treatment.
Depending on the extent of injury, surgical reconstruction may be necessary.
Keep me informed.
I would be interested to answer any queries.
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