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Leg cast query

Hi all,

I've been in a cast for 2 weeks (broken fibula, two places) and today had it changed for a weight bearing cast (with one of those sandals).

But since the cast was put on, the sole of my foot has been wet...not sweaty, but wet...the top of my foot is bone dry but the sole is wet and the fabric on the inside of the cast feels damp because of it.

Will this be ok to leave on? Was the cast just a little too wet when it was put on or is this likely to cause a problem? I just wanted to check, with the whole "don't get the cast wet" thing in my mind :)

The rest of the cast is bone dry, it is literally just the sole.

Thanks in advance, just wanted to check as I've never had a cast before :)
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Don't sweat it! (ha, I kill myself...)
Gravity at work, in multiple ways. But mostly you are probably sweating more than you think. The other areas are able to wick the sweat away fast enough. What it can't, is running down. Plus your feet sweat a lot, and they are compressed plus the sole is compressed. So, no air flow and no wicking away.
I know you said it's not sweaty, but it most likely is sweat.
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