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My MRI report has stated as
Alignment,Vertebral bodies,Thecal sac, Posterior elements, Pre &  paravertebral soft tissues and Bilateral sacroiliac joints are NORMAL.
But Intervertebral disc : Normal in height and signal intensity
** Flattened posterior disc margin at L4/5,causing left lateral recess narrowing , no neural compromise.

Can u please tell me what does it mean clearly.I have been suffering low back pain since 10yrears.
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The MRI means that the posterior margin of the intervertebral disc between L4-5 is flattened and narrows the space on the left side. However this does not impinge on the spinal cord or the nerve root passing through this recess. Hence this should not be the cause of pain.
However, stretching of the intervertebral disc due to flattening can be the cause of pain. Kidney problems, stones in the urinary tract and colitis or IBS are the other possibilities. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Depending on the clinical findings you will need to get CT scan of abdomen, urine examination etc. You may also need to consult a gastroenterologist.
Low back ache could be due to spinal anesthesia (if you had one during delivery), pelvic inflammatory disease, vaginal infections, fibroids in uterus and may other causes.
Please consult your neurologist and PCP regarding this.Take care!
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