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Meniscus Tears

My 11 year old son tore his medial and lateral meniscus in August.  (Football Injury)    We have been to three doctors and have gotten three different treatments.  First was physical therapy. That failed.  Then we went to a over the counter knee brace for 2 months.  That failed.   Now we are on 6 weeks of a full leg brace.   We were hopeful this would work but it's been 3 weeks and he still complains of pain under his knee cap.  We are in a rural area and none of the Dr's have ever seen this injury in a kid this age.  I'm not crazy about surgery but it doesn't seem to be healing on its own.   Should I keep him in this leg brace for 3 more weeks or take him to a larger area for possible surgery.
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I would suggest you to follow up with an orthopedician and go for an MRI to grade the damage.

If it is Grade II or Grade III and does not heal with conservative therapy after 6 months then consider surgery.

Limit his movements, use ice packs for the pain and try to follow all instructions properly and to heal it conservatively and keep surgery as the last option.

Take care!
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