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Mri results shoulder need explanation please

I have been having shoulder pain for past year...muscle relaxer helps only because they make me sleep! Had a cortisone shot...some pt...nothing helps... I sit at a desk all day and think that is the culprit....
I just had an mri and the results are as follows
Intermediate signal intensity changes within the supraspinatus tendon consistent with tendinosis. No rotator cuff tear. Rest off rotator normal
Acromioclavicular joint: minimal bony productive changes
Glenoid labrum confluent signal changes superior labrum which could represent slap 1 lesion
Acromion slight up sloping of a type Ii
Everything else normal

I was told I had 3 options....live with it if I can
Arthroscopic surgery to remove bone spur....where does it say bone spur? That surgery would mean easy recovery 1-2 days of sling...however if they go in and see anything like fraying in labrum could mean 4-6 weeks sling... However the only way to see more in regards to that is to do another mri with contrast?
Help not sure what to do? Don't mind the minimal surgery... But only if I need it and it will help... How do you know for sure if they are telling the truth? I spoke to the p.a. Not the Ortho that gave me the cortisone shot...
Any help is greatly appreciated.
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The bone spur, I believe is the minimal boney productive change.  The MRI with contrast may not show anything different than the original MRI, I don't think it is an exact science, just my opinion.  I had 2 shoulder surgeries,4 months apart last year.  First one was the 1 to 2 days in the sling and a relatively quick recovery.  I was treated for calcified tendonitis, that I had gotten no relief from conservative treatments.  Unfortunately, for me my doctor had never seen calcified tendonitis that was like bone before and wasn't prepared to treat it.  So 4 months later surgery #2 on the same shoulder, this time there were bicep issues so we did a bicep tendonesis and the was a longer recovery but ultimately I am very happy with the results.  It is an individual decision for each person, I couldn't live with losing my lifestyle any longer, so I opted for surgery.  Hope this helps and that you are on the road to recovery soon.
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Thanks so much for replying....not that I am a chicken in regards to surgery... But I guess I will see how much it bothers me.... I guess the fact that I keep getting turned over to the physician's assist to explain a possible surgery irks me...and he isn't returning my phone call doesn't help either!
I appreciate your time asura28 glad you are doing well!
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