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Pain in kidney or liver

Hi, everyone. I would greatly like your help or experience as i'm experiencing some pain on my right side under the rib cage, and the side ( right side), and sometimes near my back. Well this started like last week when i havent gotten to much sleep as i don't know if this might be the cause of it. We'll sometime a couple days of bad sleep i started to feel a slight pain in my right side which wasnt too noticeable until couple days ago. The pain is kind of dull yet sometimes sharp and anoying. It doesnt hurt to a point where im screaming in pain but its there and its bothering me as i don't know what this problem is. However i had another bad sleep last night because of this pain, and today it seemed to have gone to my left side too. This is why im thinking its a kidney problem. During my sleep last night i felt very uncomfortable sleeping on either sides, and slept only couple hours, and some parts of my body i would feel needles stab sometimes no my arm, and back. I"M 19 KEEP IN MIND, i dont know if this should affect this case. However down to the medical factor: RECENTLY ive gotten blood work and urine test after couple years, and results came back as follows they stated on the report that my urine has PROTEIN, my Liver has abormal hapatic function if i remember correctly. I really hope this is nothing serious and it was jsut because im not sleeping right lately. But as i'm a night person i'll try to go to sleep early if thats the case. Please advise me as to what i can do and dont scare me. I really need help and advice as to what this problem is. Thanks!! (if i missed some info please ask and i'll follow up on it)
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Protein in the urine, you should go for full Urine analysis and also Diabetic analysis. You also should go for Liver Function tests.

Proper diet should be planned along with the dietician after you get the results of all the tests we advised.

Scans and Ultrasonography of the regions should also be undertaken.

Alternatively you take a back X-ray to rule out spine problems.

We advise you to maintain normal body weight; BMI should be normal and should have stress free living with proper sleep.

Take care!
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