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Painful total knee Revision! Help!

I am 13 months post op from a left total knee revision surgery.  The implant that was in was completely lose, it never grafted to the implant.  This was done exactly 12 months from the initial replacement.  I have had pain in the knee since surgery yet once again.  Very frustrating.  It has been injected, numbed up, scoped, x-rayed, all with negative results.  My OS now is trying to decide what to do.  He scheduled me for an MRI today and once I got there they were unable to perform this due to too much metal in the knee.  I have very sharp stabbing pains after being on my feet a lot (like cleaning house all day, painting my house, shopping all day, etc.)  This pain will just happen at no certain time and it is so sharp and so strong it stops me dead in my tracks.  I do have swelling if I am on my feet a lot.  I am so discouraged right now.  I want this nightmare to be over.  In my heart, I feel something isn't right.  I have been through this four times now.  both knees have been replaced twice!  My right knee had bone that died away around the femur implant.  My left was lose.  Completely lose.  This new knee is cemented in.  Please if anyone can help shed some light?  My OS thinks it is tissue related and won't even think dead bone, etc.  He thinks neuroma.  Help!  Thank you, Susan  P.S. I am only 43!    
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I'm 48yrs old i had a total knee replacement on oct 29th of 07 the swelling never went down and like u doing anything on my feet is extremely painful i got a second oppion on my right knee they took xrays and told me nothing was wrong that sometime it take a year to feel better as for the swelling i was told it is scar tissue, which they refuse to remove i was told by my doctor that i can't have another manipulation, the first one i got 100rom, but my knee still fills like something just ain't right. Can't seem to get any answer about the swelling and the pain if i had it to do all over i would have thought  second, my knee is so tight when i try to bend it i know that it has scar tissue there but what do u do? louise still in pain!
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I am shocked that you actually found a doctor to replace your knee at 43.  I was 54 and had to go to 3 doctors before one agreed to do my surgery.  The other two said I needed it but I was too young! However, I had my knee surgery in October 08 and I am thrilled with my surgery.  I am back playing golf, snow skiing, dancing and exercising for the first time in 3 years.  My knee is still swollen and my doctor said that the swelling is from my activities and will get better as my muscle in my thigh gets stronger (probably as long as a year).  He encouraged me to keep doing the things I want to do because it will make me stronger.  He said to take Tylenol before and ice my knee after activities.  I bought a ice machine off the Internet for $59.00 (See Polar Ice machines).  The machine is very easy to use and comfortable to wear while watching TV.  I had 2 months of physical therapy after my surgery which included water therapy.  It is so much easier to strength those muscles in the water.  Since, I was released from physical therapy, I joined a water pilate class 2 times a week.  I love the class, its fun and therapeutic at the same time.  Check out the recreation centers around your area and join a water class, (aerobic or Pilate's) just let the teacher know you have a knee replacement so if necessary you can modify some of the activities if necessary.  Lastly, I know that part of my recovery is having a strong desire to get my life back.  Please don't give up you are way too young to not get better.  Maybe you should check out another doctor.  I hope this comment at least gives you a little hope, or maybe an idea or two.  Good luck!
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My knee revision and replacement was a mistake that will cost me my life. My pain is so powerful and nonstop for almost a year and getting worse not better. The leg is on fire and I need more and more oxy to control my pain. The oxy has destroyed my digestive system. I cannot eat or poop and now I need my prostate removed and I cannot do it due to two failed knee replacements on the same in knee in a seven month period. Everybody tells me that I have to be positive. But I feel like I am dying of a harrowing death. I pray for; faith, for belief, for relief, for a miracle. I am praying that I can urinate but I know thats its only a matter of time before I have to live until I die with a tube in my penis to pee. I am only 61 and was in good shape until 3 years ago. Oh lord spare me of this torment.
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I think your inability to urinate or deficate is due to the oxy which you need for pain.  Try titrating it down to a minimum.   What is your diet like?   You reduce salt in your diet and increase potassium. You can get potassium by eating oranges, low-sodium v-8 juice, prunes, etc.  I would eat more vegetables-frozen is fine if you don't have fresh-not canned.

For the pain, can you ride a stationary bike?  That could help reduce inflammation and reduce scar tissue.

I've had 4 knee surgeries including 2 ACL revisions-the last one 3 months ago.
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