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Popping in spine

51-year-old female. In the last few weeks, I've suddenly gotten a lot of painless popping in my mid-spine. When I shift position, such as leaning or turning, I often feel a little "wave" of these pops.

In the past I occasionally had single occasional pops, but now there's a LOT of them!

I have lumbar scoliosis of 35 degrees, diagnosed in adolescence, causes me no problems except shoulders are very uneven. Never any problems with back pain to speak of.

For years I've had other joints that go through periods of popping upon a SLIGHT movement, sometimes with a sudden sharp pain (right wrist, knees, both elbows). My left TMJ has long had a painless but very loud pop when I open my mouth wide.

However, I'm not double-jointed and never was. Just periods of "poppiness" in various joints. A neurologist (whom I saw for dizziness, hearing loss, paresthesias, and Lhermitte's) noted "some laxity in the interpharyngeal joints," but I don't have Marfan's.

I do have some joint pain--always in my big toes when walking, left knee and right hip bother me some, etc. but I'm 50 lbs overweight--but have never been told I have arthritis. I take a lot of ibuprofen and acetaminophen daily to control achiness of muscles, joints, and tendons--cause unknown, possibly fibromyalgia.

I had cervical and lumbar MRI from spine specialist whom I saw about the scoliosis (to see if that was the cause of my paresthesias and slowed walking) but he said nothing showed. When I got the report, I saw that I do have bone spurs in my neck. I never had MRI of the mid-spine.

So, my question--Is it normal to start having a little "ripple" of painless pops in your mid-spine?

Nancy T.
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