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Shoulder MRI
First off, sorry this is so long.

I hurt my shoulder at work on Nov. 25 of last year and am still waiting on a diagnosis and course of treatment.  I had a prior surgery on this shoulder back in January of 2007, a labral repair and capsular shift.  I was off of work for close to a year but had been pain free until this injury.  I now have pain at and above shoulder level, significant weakness in the same area and what I can only describe as pretty major instability (my shoulder feels like the arm leaves the socket every time I take a step with my right foot). It pops/clunks/clicks when it moves "out of the socket", which I can also reproduce with minimal force by pushing on the front of the shoulder.  I had an MRI and arthrogram done last week, but I don't get back to my doctor for a few weeks (he's always booked solid).  Just wondering if anyone here could translate this report into layman's terms or give me a clue as to what's going on in my shoulder.

There is mild to moderate supraspinatus tendinopathy.  There is mild thinning of the distal tendon, proximal to its insertion site, some slightly increased signal scattered in the tendinous substance.  No significant partial tear was appreciable and there was no evidence of a full-thickness tear.  None of the injected fluid is evident in the subacromial-subdeltoid bursa.

Very slight a.c. joint degenerative changes are noted.

The bicipital tendon was intact and the bicipital anchor appeared unremarkable.

The medial insertion of the joint capsule is located somewhat medially, about 1.3 cm from the bony rim of the glenoid.  This may be a developmental variant or it may be related to prior capsular stripping or surgery, the patient having given a history of prior labral surgery.  Note also some thickening of the inferior glenohumeral ligament and the inferior anterior joint capsule.  There is mild blunting of the anterior mid to lower aspect of the labrum.  There is questionably mild irregularity towards the base of the labrum and the articular cartilage towards the midanterior aspect.  Mild undercutting of the labrum and cartilage here is a possibility.  This is not a definite or prominent finding.  The underlying glenoid bone was intact.

There appears to be at least minimal tendinopathy involving the subscapularis also.  Osseous signal intensities were unremarkable.


1. Mild to moderate supraspinatus tendinopathy, no significant partial tearing and no full thickness tear evident.  Probable at least mild subscapularis tendinopathy.

2.  Mild a.c. joint DJD.

3.  Mild blunting of the anterior aspect of the mid to lower glenoid labrum, question of a very slight defect involving the labrum and cartilage towards the mid to lower labrum.  The glenoid was intact.  Note that the medial joint capsule has a somewhat medial insertion, uncertain if this is a normal variant or related to prior trauma or surgery.  There is some thickening of the inferior glenohumeral ligament and lower anterior joint capsule also.
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