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Side effects of R cinex 600

Dear Sir

My husband is 35 yrs aold and i am 33 years old. We have been married for the past 12 years and unfortunately don't have children. Lately my husband has been diagonosed with Tuberculosis in the Semen and I have been diaganosed of raised TNF alpha . We both have been prescribed to take R cinex 600 once daily empty stomach.
My question is that are there any side effects of this medicine.  Also i want to that I am thalasemmic minor and this medicine is Iron based is it OK to take this medicine .
Please answer my qiuery i will be great ful to you
Thanking you

New delhi
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Hi Suneyna,
You have a pretty name and the way you spell it is great.
R-Cinex I assume contains Rifampicin and Isoniazid.
Rifampicin is the most important and potent anti-tuberculous agent. The standard dosage in adults is 600 mg/d. The drug distributes well throughout body tissues, including inflamed meninges. It turns body fluids (e.g., urine, saliva, tears) red-orange and is excreted through bile and the enterohepatic circulation. Rifampin is usually well tolerated but may cause GI upset. In pts with underlying chronic liver disease (e.g., alcoholics, the elderly), the drug can cause hepatitis. Rash, anemia, and thrombocytopenia are less common side effects.
Isoniazid is the best agent available after Rifampin. The usual adult dosage is 300 mg/d or 900 mg 2 or 3 times per week. INH is distributed well throughout the body and infected tissues, including CSF and caseous granulomas. The most important toxicities are hepatotoxicity and peripheral neuropathy. INH-associated hepatitis is idiosyncratic and increases with age, alcohol use, pregnancy or the postpartum period, and concomitant use of Rifampin.
Because peripheral neuropathy can result from interference with pyridoxine metabolism, pyridoxine (25–50 mg/d) should be given.
I didn’t get your other question regarding this medicine being iron based. You mean to say this medicine contains Iron as supplement?
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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Dear Sir,
I was dignosed with abscess in SI joint which was infected with TB.  I was operated on and the abscess was drained.  since july 2008, I have been on R-Cincex, once a day and Oflox, twice a day.  I also took 35 Streptomycin injections.  Lately, i have been having lot of pain in my toes and heels.  I can hardly walk 15 to 20 minutes without having to sit down.  I have been told that I may have neuropathy as one of the side effect and have been given Lyrica 75mg.  i like to understand long term side effects of AT medicine.  I may have to continue for over a year.
thank you.
Gurgaon, India
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Dear Sir,
I was found with pleural effusion and ascities. I was prescribed R-cinex-600 and twice Combutanol-800 daily. Is here any side effects?

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Dear Rahul,

If you are anywhere in India i would suggest you to visit the nearest Government TB centre for free drugs and get enrolled in their "DOTS" programme. This will give you the best course of tuberculosis treatment with proper dosage and you will get the best resistance free treatment.
Start anti tubercular treatment immediately after diagnosed with tuberculosis. For the first 2 months you are advised to take rifampicin, isoniazid, ethambutol and pyrazinamide for normal resistance free tuberculosis. Follow up by taking 2 drugs i.e rifampicin and isoniazid for 4 to 6 months.

Take care!
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i took 450 mg of r-cin (rifampicin) twice a day will it cause any problem b"coz i was asked to take it once a day
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If you are taking rifampicin for tuberculosis then the daily dosage is 10mg per kg body weight upto 600 mg per day.

Discuss with your clinician as your dosage is high.

Take care!
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My son has been diagnosed for Pulmonray TB.He is 26 and has started taking Rcinex600, Combutol, Benadon Pyrazinamide.RTZ and a cough syrup.He has been taking the ned for the past 14 days.

The cough is still severe some times it has not stopped. . When is this cough likely to stop.He gets cough while taking food/

His temparature which used to go till 103 has subsided and is normal for the past 2 weeks. He is planning to go to office. It is an A/c office will this environment increase his coughing.?

Can Benadryl syrup help to reduce the cough. Because of constant coughing his vocal cords are badly affected and cough increases especially while taking food. what is the remedy.I am really worried

Does these drugs have any effect on fertility of the person. Does these drugs  have any effect on the semen.
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my son has been diagonised with pott spine deseas
can u cure this with homeopathic treatment
if yes how long and cost of the treatment
and success rate.
MRI has revealed suggestive of infective spondylitis with large pre-vertebral abscess from C2 to D4 and mild epidural extension at C6 level. Etiology - likely tubercular.
also esr is 102
is it really TB of spine
or something else desease
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my son aged 20 yrs was diagonised with pott spine
i have consulted two very senior experts for the treatment
both have given different treatment
one has given
tab Rcinex 300+600
oflox 400
both daily in morning for 05 months
one tab of each daily in the evening for 05 months
somi brace

other has given
Tab R-Cinex 300 mg + 600 mg – 1 OD – 2 months (before breakfast)
Tan Ethambutol – 800mg – 1OD – 2 months (Afternoon )
Tab. Pyraziharide 750mg –1-0-1 - 2 months
Tab. Pyridoxine 20mg – 1OD – 2 months
Tab. Hifenac 100mg – 7-10 days – 1-0-1
Repeat ESR, LFT
Phildelhia Cervical Collar

my son is presently on AKT4 for last 10 days which was initially prescribed by a doctor of GOVT hospital but both Sr doctors are asking me to change to their prescription although they say that i can finish my available stock of AKT4 before switching to theirs.

pls advice me with solid justification which of the above treatments i opt for and which one is best for pott spine?
wont it be harmful to change medicine?
what are the repercussions?
he has also been advised for bed rest by all the three doctors presently for one month
pls advice if he may need to take longer bed rest or 01 month is enough?
if he is taking bed rest even then he needs to wear somi brace/collar?

pls answer separately to all queries mentioned above separately
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You can change to the Govt. approved medications and check as they are supplied free of cost. The only thing you have to check is that whatever drug he is changed to should contain (Isoniazid, pyrazinamide, rifampicin, ethambutol) and pyridoxine. There is no justification, Govt. of India supplies anti tuberculosis medications for all individuals free of cost and you can avail this facility.

It will not be harmful till the composition is the same.

There are no repercussions, if it is Tuberculosis and is Pott's spine then the treatment continues till 6-8 months and regular follow ups are necessary to check his progress.

As I already told you 1 month bed rest with proper protein diet, then go for an X-ray scan and start some form of movement, physiotherapy in a slow progressive way.

He should wear the brace initially all the time and after couple of weeks can avoid while sleeping.  Here the best person is his orthopedician along with the tuberculosis expert who is to comment; as the extent of damage of the spine can be understood and correlated by them after examining the patient.

Take care!
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I have disgnosed TB in my knee fluid and i was taking AKT4 from last 4 month which givin me good relif and now Dr told me to take r-cinex 600 1 before breakfast and koxi 1000 one after breakfast dails, i am taking that from last 2 days.

I just thought to take second opition wheahter its good to change the medicine at this stage or not as i know its very difficult to recover TB medicine once to stop that.

Please advise...

Thanks & Regards

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I had gone thru the PCR test and diagnosed with TB of uterus since i had 2 etopic pregnancies. i am taking r-cin 450 combunex 800 B6 and folibest plus rezuliv liver tonic. it's been 2 months only. how long do i continue and when should i again for a PCR???the medicine gives nausea and headache plus vision disturbances. sameera adil
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sir, you have advised the following treatment for 02 months for my son. now 02 months will be over on 05 Jun 2010 since he started this treatment on 06 May 2010. now you may like to review ur treatment. kindly advice the further treatment to my son.
i am highly grateful to ur this kind act.
it is confirmed that pain of the neck has subsidised but fever remains consistent between 98.6 to 99 in the evening. fever is normal if checked in the day time that is before 7- 730 pm. also rarely fever may rise upto 99.6 in the night.
his esr is 43 and uric acid is 13.48, S. Creatinine. : 0.62 mg/dL
as of now he is on following medicines as advised by you
Tab R-Cinex 300 mg + 600 mg – 1 OD – 2 months (before breakfast)
Tan Ethambutol – 800mg – 1OD – 2 months (Afternoon )
Tab. Pyraziharide 750mg –1-0-1 - 2 months
Tab. Pyridoxine 20mg – 1OD – 2 months
     kindly advice further treatment
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sry he started treatment on 06 apr 2010 and not 06 may stated above
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Dear Sir,

I had been diagnosed Polumnary TB 6 month before. Earlier for first 3 months my doctor advised to take combutol 1500mg, PZA 1200 MG and R-CINEX 600mg and cough syrup. after 3 month, Dr. adviced to continue with R-CINEX 600 only. Now its been 6 month that me taking R CINEX. and doctor told me to continue till the next 2 to 3 months also...even after 5.5 month i have a cough problem. is it standard?..now doctor has adviced me to take mucolite 200, ZIFI 200, Pentocid 40mg and Techzine 5mg for one week.
My age is 27 now and during my TB I never had fever. My treatment is going well? is there any side effect of these medicine in future? is there any alarming sign?

Nitin Gupta
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Hello Doctor,
I have been diagonised with Lymphadentitis TB. i have two swellings in my neck. one on left side under the year (lymph node) and the other on the right side just above my collar bone. i live in kuwait (kuwait has strict rules and they will deport anyone diagnised with TB). hence i left my family back in india. i dont want my 1 year old baby to be exposed to TB. I am using tablets as prescribed by doctor for past 4 days. Rcinex is one and combutol is the other. i dont recollect the other two.

My questions are:
1. does the swelling heal soon, i cant see any changes till date.
2. is this contagious, i am going to office regularly
3. does smoking increase the risk, i am trying to control but i cant.
4. is there any life risk.
5. main thing is the side affects which i am more worried about since i dont have anyone to take care of me. since it is already 4 days, any side effect should be visibile by now, isnt it? i drive my car, is this OK.

Please answer my queries or suggest me any site where i can get my replies.

Thank you in advance
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I had gone through IGM A60 Myvobacterium test and my husband  had gone thru the semen PCR test and both of us are diagnosed with TB. I had a miscarriage in last to last month. SO our gayno has recommended us the above mentioned test and she said that the miscarriage is because of TB and she also strictly said us not to plan baby for at least 9 months. We want to plan for a baby is there any other solution for this. She also give us Pan-d & R-cinex tablets to both of us empty stomach.

Kindly suggest us waiting for your reply.
Thanks & regards
Anu Dogra
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my father was diagnosed with potts spine 2 months back. the doctor initially asked us to start with CAVATIER but the kit didnt suit him and he gained jaundice out of it.so the medicines were stopped imediately and the pain went upto extreme levels. so he was operated and the pus was removed and asked to start all the medinces. but he again acquired jaundice so the medicines were stopped. he was called for re-examination after 6 weeks post discharge with the latest MRI scan done. when the doctors had a look at the reports of the scan they say that the pus has increased further despite of it being removed.so they want to operate him again but before that he is advised to start r-cin step wise increasing the dosage each day and then starting up more medicines.
medicines before jaundice -CAVATIER
medinces after surgery - mycobutol, r-cinex, INH,pyrazinamide,benadon, oflox and some vitamins and minerals dosages

please guide me on what to do and something that can actually stop the bacteria to grow further.
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iam having TB medicines since last few months. R cinex in the morning, and L cin & vergut in the evening. iam not able to walk as well as sit down because of knee and heel pain. is this a side effect. what should i do??

Pls help.

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I have TB in uterus then for how many days I will have to take R-cinex? I'm also suffering from classic PCOD synrome. We dont have any baby my tubes are badly effected can dr. recommend us for 6 mths medicine can medicine help in openup my tubes. pregency can be possible
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I have TB in uterus then for how many days I will have to take R-cinex? I'm also suffering from classic PCOD synrome. We dont have any baby my tubes are badly effected can dr. recommend us for 6 mths medicine can medicine help in openup my tubes. pregency can be possible
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Greetings doc !!!

Just one question, can i drink beer for once ?
i am going through tb treatment and this is my third month..jus started with rcinex 450mg... can i drink one or 2 days nd then stop until my treatment is over...
and just beer nothing else !

please respond to this, i am waiting... !
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I take R-cinex 600 BBF & Pyzima 750 AF/AD, I started having rashes & high fever in 1 week, after I stop the doses, there are no rashes,,,,,,,pl advice
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my brother had got TB at ankle and he was advised to take AKT 4 for 2 months and rcinex for further 6 months after food.He is a diabetic patient and was under control with usual diabetic medication.Contrary after started taking medicine for TB diabetic went out of control and was not possible to bring under control even after every possible measures taken by Diabetologist.Accidentally one day he took the medicine at empty stomach and hardly in an hour he felt Hypoglycemia (low sugar) which confirmed with glucometer also.We surprised and consulted with a TB specialist .He explained rcinex should be taken in empty stomach (one hour before food or 2 hours after food)for better absorption and if diabetic tablets are taken together the priority  will be given to the medicine for TB by the natural mechanism of the body.Now the diabetic control is excellent.Also during the period of TB medication only insulin to be taken against tablets as liver will be over loaded during this period.
   In my experience ortho or pulmo doctors who are treating TB in their area are in lack of knowledge in TB treatment.Because in our experience very essential instructions
1.TB medicine in empty stomach
2.Avoiding diabetic tablets in the period of TB treatment
were not suggested by ortho physician even after we raised the confusions

Another issue is its very difficult to find a TB specialist except in government hospitals.I have just shared my experience and please personally consult your doctors taking this as guidance
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