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Small sensations like "elastic pings or snaps" in my outer thigh

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or knows what this is. I have been experiencing what I can only describe as small feelings of elastic pings or snaps in my thigh. It occurrs when I move, but not strictly during excerise. At first I thought it was my pants...I wear yoga style pants at the gym and they have elastic in them. So I did not think about it until it happened when I was not wearing them.
The sensation is on the outside portion of my thigh and does not hurt per se, I just get that little shock like goose bump feeling as one would if they were snapped with a small elastic. It seems random when it occurs, not when my muscles are sore or anything like that that I can attribute.

Does anyone know what this is or if I should be concerned?
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I think it might be something called a tremor, where the muscles in any part of your body contract and expand locally.
If it is a tremor, then it happens to a lot of people.
So just click on the link to be sure.
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Did you find out more about these elastic pings as I get it in my thigh too?
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