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Strees Fracture - Soccer Player - 3rd metatarsal - need advise

I felt some pain from playing soccer no the top of my foot. The Dr. said it was the "START" of a stress fracture on my 3rd metatarsal.

I have been off the foot for 4 weeks. In a boot for 2 weeks. I feel no pain walking, so i took the boot off. The dr didn't seem like it was a big deal(he knows I'm an athlete and he didn't even recommend the BOOT - my friend gave it to me and the dr. said yeah go ahead use it) , but everywhere I read online I hear horror stories with this type of fracture. Since I'm a soccer player, bike riding as an alternative sport is out of the question. Especially since I make money with soccer as a Player/coach etc.

Should I expect months and years without playing? My coach says this is somewhat normal and has happened to many of his athletes. He says I don't have time to wait 3 months to be 100%. He said after Friday I should start playing at least at 40-50%!?!?

I have been taking potassium, Gingko bilboa, Viamin D, and Calcium and Glucosamine pills. I do stretching, messages and heat therapy.

It's odd because my foot never hurt day by day. Only hurt after practice....

What should be expected? I see the Dr Friday what should I ask him?

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I would suggest you to go for an X-ray and get it reported by an expert radiologist.

If you have any type of fracture I would suggest you to go for a below knee walking plaster for 3 weeks for metatarsal fracture. It is the same for base or shaft of the metatarsal bone.

If there is no fracture and if they suspect it due to "fatigue" rest and gain strength by physiotherapy and start playing slowly to gain complete strength.

Take care!
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