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Torn Meniscus

Injured knee a couple years ago. After putting up with the pain, finally went to ortho when Baker's cyst developed. He suspects torn meniscus, but it did not show on the MRI. PT and cortisone shot did not help. He wants to scope the knee and clean it out.

Most days the knee is uncomfortable to walk on, but some days I can barely put weight on it, usually after being on it for more than a couple hours. Last time it did this, I could barely walk one day, was extremely sore for 3-4 days, then my knee popped - felt like someone was pulling a rubber band out of it, and it finally broke free. After that, it has felt much better.

Is this common for meniscal tears? For the knee to feel better after it pops?

I'd feel better about the surgery if I knew there was something that could be fixed.
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I would suggest you to go for an MRI and get it comments from an expert radiologist for diagnosing menisci tears.

Take a second opinion near another orthopedician and only go for surgery if there is a grade II or grade III tear.

With minor tears you can stay in a cast for 4 weeks to get it repaired naturally.

Take care!
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Already had MRI done, read by a PhD. Tear did not show, but ortho says MRI's are only 80% accurate, so could still be there.

Injury was done 2 years ago. If it hasn't healed in that time, I doubt it will heal by itself.
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