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Total Hip Arthroplasty, intraoperative fractures, DVT and PE.

I have had a rough experience with my hip replacement. I’m 50 year old female in good health. I am resting on blood thinners now, 4 weeks postoperative, but still have a popping and clunking hip on movement even though I have been non-weight bearing since the day after the surgery. Initially due to extreme pain when it popped, and confirmed 1 week later due to CT showing two acetabular and one femoral fracture. Doctor wants to wait 6 weeks for fractures to heal and see if popping resolves.

My question: I took a pic of my latest X-Ray and noticed the acetabular cup is projecting outward from my socket line at the top of my socket, and it is retracted into my socket on the lower line of equal distance. My femoral head is making contact with my acetabular bone wall instead of the cup in a section at the bottom entry of my socket.
Does this indicate a malaligned cup and would explain my problems?
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