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Whats wrong with my knee?

So wedesnday i had a sparring session and i took a low backround house to the side of my knee when my foot was planted on the floor and it caused my knee to jerk to the side (no pop or anything just a jerk). It didnt hurt, nor do i feel pain now but it seems to be swollen a little, and just feels weird. The next day is when i noticed the slight swell actually and i can bend down with no problem *** to the floor and after i guess you can say my warm up i felt nothing during practice. I took off this weekend to just let it heal i guess but it still has me curious only because i had previously received acl reconstruction and mensicus repair surgery on the same knee. I can still run, pivet, jump up and down on it and kick. But at times it does feel i guess you can say tight. But there is defintely no pain. Any thoughts? I can go upstairs fine but feel a little pain in the front of my knee going down stairs
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Sounds like that knee has suffered some major damage in the past. I too have an ACL injury - in fact a complete tear - not repaired.  

Once you experience a major knee injury - that knee will never be quiet the same. You may not have caused any major damage but it sounds like you've obviously flared it. If you pain continues or become worse I suggest that you consult your medical provider.

In the mean time give it some rest. I wouldn't "run, pivot, jump up and down on it and kick ". Pain is your body's way of telling you something isn't right. Think of it as the only way your body has of communicating to us and you really should listen. I'd avoid doing more damage to the knee that may not be repairable - Some ice, elevation and rest seem to be in order for now.

Again, consult your medical provider. I wish you the best and hope you'll keep us updated.

Take Care,
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Thanks man on the insight, my acl was ripped off the bone completely from a impact. I honestly feel no pain, my walking is fine and im using a brace at the moment. Im taking advils just in case and not attending any sports activities. At the time of the impact during my martial arts sparring session, my foot was planted to the floor when my knee jerked. There was no pain during the initial impact and just minor swelling the next day which went away as I practiced some more. It was only friday is when I was relaxing because of the swelling but still no pain with the expection of walking downstairs. Walking downstairs is where my knee feels a little tight and minor to moderate  pain in the front of my knee. But im putting pressure on my knee without any problem.
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