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Why another MD opion

Why would a 4th opion be needed from an Ortopedics Dr.  I had a 2-level fusion June 2008 (Lumbar) and then a 4-level fusion (Cervical) in Sept. 2008.  I've been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, Spinal arthritis, DD, Genetic defect of the spine, and more.....  My NS has agreed that I should file for SS and my Family practioner agrees strongly.   I applied for Disabilty Retirement from the state.  Have gone through all of the rigorus paper work.  Application went before committe of 3 MD's.  1 agreed, 1 disagreed, and 1 wants another (4th) opinion.  I now have to see an Orthopedic doctor on July 17, 2009.   Why is this necessary?  In your opinion is this just another delay in payments or do they think this is not for real?  Pain and suffering are for real.  The expense for pain management is for real.  Any response will be greatly appreciatedl.
My GI doctor is preparing an addional letter that will be a secondary disability.  (Dysphagia)
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