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Will I need another knee surgery or not? (Multiple Concerns)

I am 36 and have had 2 ACL repair surgeries (first following having my knee run over and crushes, this was thermal reconstruction and the second I was running and my ACL snapped resulting in a cadaver graft) I have  pain, buckling, and movement reduction for the last two years. I just had repeat MRI with the following results...persistent year of the inferior corner of posterior horn medial meniscus with associated parameniscal cyst and identified meniscicapsular separation, anterior horn lateral meniscus root insertion degeneration with adjacent scar/graulation tissue, extensive avascular necrosis /osteo necrosis of posterior weightbearing lateral femoral condyle and avascular necrosis of subchondral lateral femoral condyle with associated subchondral bone marrow edema, right knee effusion, progression of partial thickness tearing of graft fibers along the notch and distal insertion as well as formation of ganglion cysts along tibial tunnel with extensive surrounding remodeling and bone marrow edema, patpatellar tendonitis and arthrofibrosis hoffa's fat pad and trace effusion/ganglion customer of proximal right tibiofibular joint. That sounds like a lot, is any of this serious? Will it require another surgery? And if ao, what likely will need to be done, and what kind of recovery  (length)? Thank you advance for your time and attention to my concern.
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