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Xray Guided Cortisone Injection

I went today for what was supposed to be my second xray guided cortisone injection in my right hip.  I've got osteoarthritis (among other chronic pain issues) - ortho doc has already told me this WILL require a hip replacement at some point, but we're both trying to hold off on that surgery as long as possible.  I had my first xray guided injection in September of this year and, after a few days of increased pain and some not-so-pleasant side effects from the steroid, I did find that it definitely helped with my pain levels in the hip.

That first injection went off without a hitch - no problems at all finding teh "right spot" and getting the injection done.  Today, however, the interventional radiology doctor could NOT get the needle to go into the joint space, even with repositioning it 5-6 times (YOUCH!).  I also did not get ANY numbing effect from the lidocaine that he injected, so I was feeling each and every move of the needle.  A couple of times he very nearly got kicked in the jaw simply from reflex because of me jumping from the pain.  He told me he knew for sure he was actually hitting the bone with the needle (NO WONDER IT HURT!!)  He was able to see on the fluroscopy that whenever he injected the dye to see where he was, it was not going into the joint, it would only go into the muscle fibers.  After 5-6 attempts, he finally said that he was not going to be able to do the injection today and it was probably because of:

a) too much scarring in the joint that was keeping him from being able to access the joint (and yes, he did say that this scarring could have happened, at least the portion that was keeping him from being able to do the injection, since my last injection)

b) I'm just too inflamed in the area for him to be able to get the needle through, or - mostly likely,

c) a combination of the above.

When I got home, I put a call in to my ortho doc and am waiting for a call back from them.  I wanted to know if there was either another approach they could take to get in to that hip joint space (perhaps going in from the back of the hip?) or if perhaps sedating me for the procedure - woudl that make any difference if I'm more relaxed?  I also wanted to know what the next thing to try would be if there is no other way to get the injection done (keeping in mind that I want to prolong surgery as long as absolutely possible)

I also noticed when I got home, that the injection site is much more in the pubic bone area than it was with the last injection - would this have made a difference as to why he wasn't able to get into the hip joint space today?

Meanwhile, as I wait for my ortho doc to call me back, I'm in agony from the multiple attempts at this injection.  I would much rather have the pain levels I was having before this attempt today - even though levels were pretty high and sitting was becoming more and more difficult.  Compared to the pain I'm experiencing right now, that level was a walk in the park.

Any suggestions as to what they may be able to try or positional chnages that could be made to try and get into the hip joint would be greatly appreciated.

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