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Twenty years ago I had an enchrondoma on the base of the index finger. It was surgically removed and repaired with hip bone transplant. I have subsequently had a large basal cell carcinoma removed from my forehead (requiring 9 stitches). I now have an undiagnosed lump under my left foot which is seldom painful and another lump on the right of the lumbar spine which appears to cause severe backache at times.
Are either of these above conditions likely to recur? Are the present lumps likely to be dangerous, or should I just ignore them? I am 65, female.
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Hello Dear,
Conditions like Enchrondoma are unlikely to recur if properly surgically removed. Given the fact that it has been surgically excised twenty years back, chances are minimal that this is recurrence. It is only the lack of non aggressiveness during surgery could lead to recurrence. Moreover, basal cell carcinoma can also recur on a similar pattern. But, it seems the site is different and there is more of pain. Kindly get the relevant investigations like CT scan, MRI, X ray and other histopathological tests like biopsy and Fine needle aspiration cytology done to rule out malignancy. This would decide the further course of action. Hope this helps.
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