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hip pain after fall

I fell last Sept., landing on my hands and knees. Pain shot up my thigh into my groin and hip. The pain continues to be severe at times in the exact same area, especially at night when trying to turn over in bed. It feels as if the bone is coming apart.  At the time of my fall my doctor did not order xrays because I was not limping. He felt I had pulled a groin muscle.  Would a pulled muscle last this long and be this severe?
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Hello Dear,
You should consult an orthopedic physician and go in for  x-rays to diagnose any trauma due to the fall.The pain could be due to muscle strain  or nerve entrappment, injury.Consult a physiotherapist for pain management.Yoga and back exercises will help easing the pain.
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I was mountainbiking one day kind of fast a couple years ago when the front tire washed out around a curve and I slammed to the ground on my left side. I didn't really feel pain at the time, but felt kind of weak like I had  some injury. A few months later I decided to go back to jogging, and did about 2 miles. Suddenly I had this severe pain in my left hip, and now if I try to jog or walk alot it hurts bad again. When I get on my bike it will hurt bad.Is this just worn cartilage from past jogging ( I am 56) or do you suspect something worse? I never went to the doctor because it took so long for the pain to come around, so Im thinking its from jogging not from the accident? Opinion please?
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Hello Darrel, Welcome to MedHelp! I am the Orthopedic Community Leader for MedHelp. I can give you my opinion, but always consult a physician for a complete diagnosis. He/she will have all your test results. I feel you should see a Orthopod ASAP (or you can base that on your pain level). I think you will be getting x-rays and more importantly a MRI. You could be correct on the worn cartilage or Osteoarthritis (possibly brought on by the accident). We (I am a Orthopedic First Assistant) sometimes have to go as far as an Arthroscopy to get the true diagnosis, but we usually can fix or improve the situation while there. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Best wishes! jd1963
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