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knee problems

i woke up with severe pain in my knee i can't walk i didn't fall bang it off anything whats wrong with it?i cant take the pain anymore im starting to feel alot of strain on right side of my neck a little towards the back and into my shoulder please help give me sumwhat of an idea
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Likewise, I sometimes even find it hard to walk. It was really painful to move my left knee each morning. I don't feel the pain while I'm still sleeping and I can't even find any bruised. And my knee isn't swelling. I don't think this is normal. I need some help too.
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One of My Friend has knee surgery, he is also suffering from same Problem. it really difficult to walk in pain. he had surgery in India. i must recommend you to  have proper chekup. if you want i ask my friend to share details of  his  surgery to you.
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