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knee replacement surgery

I am 50 years old and set to have knee replacement surgery in a month.  This is because of damage to the knee and missing cartilage. What is your thoughts as to someone my age having knee replacement surgery.  Also, what is the quickest recovery you have seen for someone with knee replacement surgery?
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Very tough decision.  I had implant at 60 and replaced due to pain 2/20/13 after 10 years.  Was still functional but very limited.  A full knee replacement can result in gaining a nearly fully active life free of pain.  I am a golfer and know several others who go from no pain or discomfort to very little.
I have had 3 operations on it and feel it's worth the temporary pain and slight possibility of complications.
To virtually eliminate complications:
Pre op:  
Insure no infections such as dental that WILL cause problems.
Prepare body for surgery with exercise to strengthen and stretch muscles   and very good diet to build up iron and other body building requirements.
Set up at home with ice packs, weights and petal bike
Post op:
Press flexibility but concentrate on healing wound with diet and smooth rehab exercises.
Diet vital since you are trying to replace body iron and such and also protect against blood clots.
I wish I had researched on line prior to operation, but never too late.  I appear to be doing good and doc says get on with living.  Very hard to hurt replacement if careful.
God Luck
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Dr. Lee has performed both hips and left knee replacements on myself. Another doctor performed my right knee replacement before I met Dr. Robert Lee. The right knee replacement was a disaster. The knee will not straighten or bend. All surgeries that Dr.Robert Lee completed for me was a success. At my 6 week checkup post surgery, I remember the smile on his face when I said "no problems".
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I decided to wait.  A lot peers don't agree with doing now.  Mixed emotions.
Figured at this point I am still in one piece.  Unless I take a fall I should be able to put it off for awhile.
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Hi there!

I assume you are getting a total knee replacement done. If it has been suggested as the best option at this time, I would suggest going ahead with it. Modern knee replacements can last as long as 15-20 years. Recovery in most cases is usually smooth. One can start walking with support within a few days and without support in a few weeks while; complete recovery may take around 3-6 months.
Hope his information is helpful.

Take care!
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