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knee swelling

I recently had a 2nd grade left ankle sprain. I am still under and orthapedics care and on friday I had a flare up causing it to swell. Could the awkwardness off walking on it  also of caused injury to my left knee as it is now swollen and painful. I can't make it straight. I'm due to go back to work tomorrow after workers comp for my ankle but I dont know what to do right now. Thanx for any help.
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Hi Criss,
I assume that you are on net at present. I would like to ask few question as to go ahead with our discussion regarding your diagnosis.
If you give little detail regarding your symptomatology it will helpful in discussing further.
I would like to know where the pain is exactly if you have to point out with your index finger.
When did your pain begin, what were you doing at the time, and what were the initial symptoms?
Do you experience any grinding, locking, catching, or giving way of the knee?
Are there any positions that make your knee more or less comfortable?
What is the quality of your pain (sharp, shooting, dull, etc.)?
Have you tried anything to help the pain and, if yes, has that been successful?
Have you ever had surgery on your knee? Do you have any hip or ankle pain?
When any patient complains of “knee pain,” the initial differential diagnosis in most of the cases includes: Osteoarthritis, Ligament damage, Meniscus damage or Patello-femoral disorder.
Keep me informed.
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Thanx for the help. I had a flare up of my left ankle Thursday which caused swelling and a lot of pain. I iced it and rested it as much as I could . Yesterday I notced pain and swelling in my knee but not enough to keep me from walking.Today its real bad so much so I'm using a cane. Very hard to put pressure on it. Most of the pain seems to be coming on the right side and behind the knee. I can't make my leg straight. I have had gout in the past but never in my knee. There is no discolleration or warmth to the touch. The pain is sharp when I bend my knee. Thanx again.
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How old are you?
If you are old then these symptoms of pain and swelling could be due to meniscus injury. You are also having problem with your knee extension which suggests there could also be involvement of your femoral nerve which innervates quadriceps muscle.
I think you should be seeing your surgeon back again and decide regarding further management.
Have you got any imaging of your knee? If yes, what is the report?
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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I am M/41, 5'10" and 180lbs and I work in construction. Do you think these two injuries could be related? I haven't had any imaging done as of yet.
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I think these two injuries could be related and can be different also.
These two injuries could be same as with help of rest and other treatment modalities for ankle swelling, the knee would have gone better only with help of rest to ankle. Now upon moving you would have probably dislocated your meniscus and hence knee swelling and pain.
These injuries could be different as the time between the two symptoms is more.
I think it is all same injury and it has caused an injury to your meniscus.
I recommend you to get an imaging study as soon as possible.
Keep me informed if you have any queries.
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Thank you so much as I'm hoping they are connected since my ankle is a workers comp issue and if I need to stay out longer I will be covered
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