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~mm displaced Spiral Fx of L Distal Fibula

I am a 50 year old male of medium to slender build and in generally good physical condition.  Not overweight, non-smoker, very occasional drinker.  Not an athlete but in better shape than your average 50y/o.  The only possible issue I have right now (that I know of) is high cholesterol but that may not be an issue since I've been taking Red Rice Yeast for months.  (I need to check on that).

I have a spiral fracture of my left fibula.  You can judge this yourself as I obtained my initial X-rays (to take to the ortho doc) and put them online at http://CarlosGalvan.net/X-Ray/ .  This occurred as the result of a roller skating accident where I twisted my leg.  It is a displace fracture of approximately 2cm.  I opted for no surgery as I don't have insurance.  After examining it and taking another mortise view (I used to work as an x-ray tech) and a stress view the Orthopedist said this is Okay but it will just take a long time to heal and I may have some issues come up in the long run.  But also surgery does not mean it will be perfect either.

So it's been 2 weeks since the accident and just over a week since I've been wearing the boot.  I have not been completely strict with wearing the boot as it seems to add pain because of pressure to the lateral malleolar (is that the correct spelling) area and sometimes to my swollen foot.  Occasionaly I will use warm compresses to the whole foot for relief of pain.  During the first week after the accident I experienced no apparent improvement or relief of symptoms and instead I experience the additional symptoms of some tingling and numbness.  On Sunday at the start of the 2nd week, I did start experiencing less pain and the tingling and numbness has either been rectified or I simply "got used to it".

While the swelling over the fx site subsided considerably even after 24 hours.  Swelling to my whole foot started 1-2 days after the incident and has slowly increased ever since.  Also I have two rectangular areas about the size of a quarter each that appear to be bruises that have appeared medially over the talus just recently.

From what I've read, I'm guessing that all this may be typical for such a fracture.  Given the dramatic reduction in pain over the last week and the ability to get around a bit on crutches, I've decided to go back to work at my desk job starting this coming Monday.

I'm  writing in hopes that you may be able to shed some additional light on my condition given a view of the radiographs, what to expect in the near and far future and what I should be watching out for.  
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Hi there!

The fracture appears to be minimally displaced and is expected to heal well over the next few weeks without a surgical intervention. The swelling is likely to be due to inflammation and should subside over the next few weeks. If more than mild-moderate and does not seem to get better/ aggravated, one may consider an evaluation for conditions such as DVT etc. It is also advised to wear the walking boot as far as possible to aid in the healing process, while a follow-up in 6-8 weeks may be considered to check for the healing progress.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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