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mri lumbosacral spine

Recently I have done mri the report reads as follows :
1) Posterior bulge causing thecal sac indetation at L3-4 disc
2) Annaular tear with posterior protrusion causing thecal sac indetation , bilateral nerve root with indetation bilateral neural foraminal fat effacement at L4-5 disc.
3) Peripheral & radial annular tear with central protrusion causing thecal sac indentation at L5 S1 disc.
4) Focal hemangioma in the inferior right iliac wing.
5) Bilateral hypertrophied  & L4-5 & L5-S1 ligamenta flava
In such a case do i need to go surgery ?
Presently i have pain on my calf & pelvic which is persisting & i'm unable to walk properly , Please advive ?
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Hi there!

A surgery might be considered in your case since there is indentation of the intervertebral discs on the neighboring structures at multiple levels, though initial physiotherapy may be tried. It is best advised to consult an orthopedician regarding the matter.

Take care!
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