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wrist fusion surgery????......really bummed

two years ago i hurt my wrist snowboarding......i didnt see a doctor until a couple months had gone by........a few doctors, mri's xrays and arthrograms later i found the wrist doctor for the lakers. he came to the conclusion that i tore a small ligament in my wrist causing the instability and pain at the base of my thumb and wrist.  my grip isnt too bad but it hurts to do anything, especially exerting pressure with my hand.  the doctor said the only realistic option would be to fuse the wrist, however he thinks id be better off living with the pain. id like to do that but its getting worse. seems the fusion is inevitable.
im an active 32 year old who lives to surf and snowboard. will i be able to do these things anymore let alone work?...................super worried and depressed.............
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I totally understand how you feel. I also have a bad situation but in  my elbow keeping me from doing everything I live and breath for. Surgery the only chance of fixing it but might not help or even make it worse, What a nightmare. If I were in your situation I would not have your wrist fused and somehow live with the pain in hopes it might improve somhow some way. Once you have it fused it's permanently disabled as a moving part of your body and theres no turning back. Good luck with whatever you do
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makes me wonder if it were kobe bryants wrist would there be another option...
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yuck!  I'm so sorry you have to make this kind of decision...You might ask you doc to put you in touch with some people who have had the surgery, and see what they tell you about their daily activities. Either option is not good, but getting more info might help you choose the better one.
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It would make such a HUGE! difference in making life altering decisions like this or my situation if you could actually call your doctor and ask him stuff as you think of things. I know for me its always the nurse will get back to you later and when she does what she says doesn't quite answere your question and then brings up another question and she gets back to you the next day with another half as!@# answere. Its like having the most important conversation in your life through a third party who gets things messed up and unclear and when its done the doctor probably thinks your a pain in the a!@# and you still don't really know what to do. I know it's impossible but I'll bet if you or I were able to sit down somewhere like at your house with the doc for like a whole evening and really discuss things thoroughly instead of in 10 minutes in his office we would know for sure what we wanted to do and then do it.
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yeah the doc just throws words like fusion around and im supposed to know what that entails. i had no idea that i was looking at a permanent disability.............im not sure i even got 10 minutes....these surgeons are like robots
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can you guys not email your doctor?  i email my doctor all the time and he usually gets back to me in about 3-4 hours with information...i find that works well because there is always something i forget to ask...
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