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Alendronate sodium

How long before you know results if this medication is working? What is the procedure to find out that this medication is doing its job? How long will I have to be on this stuff?
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Any answers? Please.
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There are no simple answers to your questions.

Since you were born, up to this day, your bones are constantly being produced and 'consumed'. Cells that produce new bone are called osteoblasts, cells that 'consume' old bone are called osteoclasts, and they are kept in perfect balance by the body. In some people, for some reason, the osteoblasts start producing less new bone, while osteoclasts keep their rate of resorption unchanged. That inevitably leads to lower bone density.

Alendronic acid that you're taking - what it does is - it blocks the action of osteoclasts. It eludes me why aren't we stimulating the osteoblasts instead of blocking the osteoclasts...

Sorry, that's all the help I could offer.
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Thanks at least it is one answer but I will check with my doctor for more results. Thanks again.
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Forteo or Teriperatide helps make stronger bones, but it is pricey and doctors only use it as a last resort.  They do feel the drug is useful, but Insurance Companies don't allow it until you have exhausted all other medications (most are Bisphosphonates).  Forteo has possible side effects too (possible bone cancer in rats).


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After using Forteo for one year have a bone scan interpreted by your doctor to see how the Forteo is working. I'm very surprised this wasn't explained to you by your doctor when you began injecting the Forteo.
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