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BHCG blood test with complex cyst

Hi, I posted a message last week regarding a complex cyst. My OBGYN has not talked to me yet, but she wants me to have a BHCG blood test done before my appointment on December 15.
Does anyone know what's this test for? I know it is used for pregnancy test, but is it used for something else that has to do with complex cysts?

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Hi, when I had a complex mass found in a ultrasound my OBGYN also sent me for blood work.  The B-HCG is used as a tumor marker for germ cell tumors (I think but I am not sure).  I am pretty sure it was this one that identified the teratoma I had but I also get tested for other tumor markers including AFP and CA 125.    Here this is what I found out about it from the BC cancer agency website: "Other tumour markers (beta HCG, alpha fetoprotein) can be useful in cases of germ cell tumours". Your doctor is probably just making sure everything is fine.  Hope everything goes well:)
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