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CA125 Levels

My wife had a CA125 marker blood test done on the day she reveived her 6th and final chemo treatment. That was 4 weeks after her 5th treatment. On that day her CA125 marker had gone done to 26. To that point in time her ca125 levels had been going down.

Three weeks after her 6th and final treatment she went to the hospital for an exam and blood test. The CA125 marker had risen to 42. Why the increase after the steady decline during chemo? The nurse said the results can be affected by other infections in the body.

Is this correct or should we be very concerned?

Thanks for any advice.
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My mother had pressure in her ovaries , so she went to the Doctor
had a pap smear that turned out fine. She also had a ultrasound
which found two cysts on her ovaries like grapefruits, and took
the ca125 and the result was 38?
Hopefully she will be having her surgery in a week, but in the meantime I am so worried its cancer.
My mom is 58 years old, and we have NO cancer in our family, and her cysts were very smooth(does that mean anything?)
I also heard 35 and up is abnormal. She got 38 so what do you think the chances are.
Also, I heard ovarian cancer is the worse to treat. Can patients survive with this cancer.
Thank you for your time,
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