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Do I need to remove all my reproducive system?

I am a female of 44 years old with the following findings:
1. Left ovary enlarged. 3cm solid lesion is noted with increased vascularity.
2. The uterus is enlarged. There is an approximately 6x5cm myometrial fibroid causing mass effect upon the endometrial cavity. Endometrial cavity is within normal limits measuring 1 cm.
3. 2cm right ovarian cyst.
Do I need to remove all my reproductive system?
Exist the possibility of cancer  for the solid lesion?
Why one of the ovaries and the uterus are enlarged?
Any help is appreciated.
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I am not a doctor. I think fibroids can enlarge the uterus. What does your doctor say about removing your ovaries and uterus. They can take out parts. It is not like the old days when they just automatically take everything. Your Ovaries are independent of each other. Has the doctor mentioned Cancer. Most cysts are not cancerous. If they do think there may be cancer the specialist to deal with is a GYN/Oncologist. You can always get a second opinion. No one on the internet could  tell much of what is going on because it is internal and it takes a doctor to figure it out. Sometimes they can tell if it is cancer before surgery. Sometimes they think it is cancer and get inside and find it is not.

It sounds like they think its fibroids which are usually not cancer. They sometimes still have to take the uterus and or ovary to stop the pain if there is pain.

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